Driving Maneuvers

Library Description

The VehiclesMBS (Driving Maneuvers) library is intended for the analysis of driving behavior and for the study of the interactions between vehicle and powertrain in case the vehicle's motion cannot be reduced to one dimension. To be able to test the vehicle's behavior or its components under invariant boundary conditions, the library provides generic cross-industry components, such as tire-ground contact models and elements for modeling drag and the corresponding flow, as well as specific elements for the automotive and aerospace industries, such as full-vehicle models, its sub-assemblies, driver models and predefined maneuvers. The models in the library can also be used for testing or designing control systems.

Library VehiclesMBS

Figure 1: VehiclesMBS library in SimulationX

You can also develop your own vehicle models with special requirements and use the included model elements, such as wheels, axles or vehicle bodies. The elements can be combined comfortably, and it is possible to create custom vehicle concept models or models with trailers that can have any number of steering or non-steering axles. The library allows you to configure the vehicle's wheel positions and orientations (track, wheelbase, camber and toe angles) with either parameters or characteristic curves as a fuction of the vertical suspension deflection (relative displacement of the wheel carrier with respect to the vehicle body). The library models can be used in combination with elements from other libraries, such as:

The abstracted vehicle models can also be used in real-time applications (XiL: Hardware/Software/Model in the Loop) to design or test user-defined engine and transmission control units or controllers for driver-assistance systems.