Vehicle Transmissions

Basic Elements

Control Models

Transmission Models


The Vehicle Transmissions (1D) library is suited for the analysis of vehicle powertrain systems and permits the interaction between mechanical and control subsystems via a bus. It is divided into several sub-libraries.

This library contains basic mechanical models, such as gearsets with synchronizers or clutches, which permit modeling user-defined vehicle transmission types. Additionally, it provides already mechanical models of transmissions and their corresponding controller models. Besides the sub-library Basic Elements, all model types can be edited by the user for individual simulation tasks.

Recommendation: Before editing an element, the user should copy the respective element of this library and store it in an own package.
Exception: For modifications of the enumeration type Channel Name Definition for Signal Bus, the user should use the original type.

The Vehicle Transmission library is based on several types from further packages as Mechanics,Signal Blocks and Power Transmission.

Several model elements contain animation features for the Diagram View (e.g., Clutch, Gearbox Base Structure with Synchronizer, Automatic Transmission (AT), ...).


For each transmission type (manual, automated manual, double clutch and automatic transmission) a sample model exists, which can be used as a template for user models. These samples can be found by two ways:

  • Right mouse click on the respective Transmission Model and left mouse click on "Samples ..."
  • Open the Sample Browser (Menu --> File --> Samples) and navigate to Automotive/ Vehicle Transmissions