Operating Conditions







  • Setzt die Umgebungsbedingungen während der Schiffsreisezeit
  • Dies beinhaltet den Druck und die Temperatur der Umgebungsluft sowie der Temperatur des Meerwassers
  • Sets the profile of the ambient conditions during voyage time
  • Includes pressure and temperature data of the ambient air as well as the temperature of seawater


The Operating Conditions sets the profile of the ambient conditions during the voyage time. This includes pressure and temperature data of the ambient air as well as the temperature of the seawater for a specific route. The ambient conditions can be entered with the help of a curve or a table defined within the element. The table can also be specified with an external file (tableOnFile==true).

For more information about curves, please refer to the Curve element.

For more information about tables, please refer to the Table1Ds element.

Time Constant of System Dynamics

Usually, fluid networks in steady state (without capacities) generate algebraic loops. These algebraic loops are difficult to solve. They can only be solved iteratively. The iteration of large numerical systems is not a stable numerical process and requires robust start values for relevant variables. The SimulationX fluid libraries (Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Thermo-Fluidics) allow for breaking up loops through added volumes in each connection. The time constant of the physical dynamics is defined by the volume and the fluid properties. Small time constants can have an impact on the performance of the simulation model.

The Ship Energy Systems library does not have volume-like capacities. The algebraic loops are broken up by quasi-dynamics added to the mass flow and temperature of each throttle. The time constant of the system dynamics for all throttles can be set globally with the parameter tau. The dynamics of the throttles are described through a differential equation of first order.

Please note: The element type Operating Conditions must be used in every simulation model, because it manages global library parameters. Please do not rename the default component.