Vehicle Drives (Energy and Controls)

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The Vehicle Drives (Energy and Controls) model package allows the analysis of hybrid powertrain systems for vehicles. The main focus of the package is the analysis of interactions between mechanical, electronic and control subsystems. An important task is the optimization of fuel and electricity consumptions during different driving cycles.
The package contains mechanical models of transmissions, an electric motor, and a vehicle including a powertrain structure. Several controller models as well as a model of an accumulator complete the package.

Besides Basic Elements all model types can be edited by the user for individual simulation tasks. The Vehicle Drives (Energy and Controls) package is based on several model types from packages such as Mechanics, Signal Blocks, and Electronics.

The sub-package Samples contains three sample models for three different operation strategies. They are examples for using the Vehicle Drives (Energy and Controls) package and can be used as templates for user models.

Several model elements contain animation features for the Diagram View (e.g., Rigid Clutch, Engine).