Belt and Pipe Conveyors (1D)

Model Generator
Tensile Forces Monitor Generator
Parameters of the Belt Conveyor System
Basic Elements
Belt Conveyor Sections
Belt Load Models
Base Class for Belt Conveyor System Compounds


The elements of this library allow for dynamic simulations and analyses of belt or pipe conveyors. The parameterization is simply carried out by means of assembly parameters and parameter specifications based on standards, such as the German DIN 22101 or the North American CEMA 6th. Edition. It does not require any complex parameter measurements. The direct visual feedback through animated icons during the simulation (e.g. load course, belt sag) supports you in controlling the simulation, interpreting events and evaluating calculation results.

  • Determine mechanical loads and vibrations of the system during start-up and shut-down processes as well as emergency situations.
  • Go through a virtual commissioning proccess for the plant before it is built.
  • Test your control algorithms in the model or test your real controls with a real-time capable model on a hardware test bench.
  • Test various ways of optimizing the energy performance index (ISO 50001, ISO 50003) and evaluate the optimization potential before implementation.
  • Validate your models against measured data, create digital/hybrid twins of the plant to solve tasks of cyberphysical systems.
In order to facilitate your entry into this field of applications and also to learn the basic functionality of this library, we offer the tutorial Modeling of Belt and Pipe Conveyors.