Vehicle Pneumatics

This library contains element types for the modeling of pneumatic brake and suspension systems.

The provided element types can be used, in combination with the Pneumatics Library and Mechanics Library, to create models for

  • the generation of compressed air in vehicles,
  • the distribution and storage of compressed air,
  • pneumatic actuated brake systems including brake chambers and disc or drum brakes, and
  • air suspension systems.

The library contains following sub-libraries:


The library structure is not fixed or protected, except the AutomotivePneumatics.Accessories directory. This enables the user to add or modify the existing library structure and the included element types. Extensions of existing elements with new sets of parameters or completely new elements can be added by the user. Finally, the user can develop a product specific library. Nevertheless it is recommended to keep the existing library structure and the already predefined elements. This reduces the effort for maintenance and extension of the library content.

Library Concept

The library concept is based on the assumption that the user is going to extend the library content. This might be necessary since there is a wide range of components based on the same basic element but with different sets of parameters. Brake chambers, for example, exist in different sizes and forms, but the internal structure is almost the same. Also, the kind of parameterization is similar and differences exist only in values of parameters or curve sets. If the user parameterizes a certain brake chamber one time, this element can be stored with its properties in the library with a product number, new description, etc. This minimizes the modeling effort if the element is needed within another model. Then the customized brake chamber can be found directly within the library bar. There are different possibilities to generate a customized element:

Extension of existing elements
Duplicate existing elements