Diagram View

The Diagram view serves for visualization and editing of the logical structure of a model.

3D View

The 3D view is used to display elements of the MBS Mechanics library three-dimensionally and to edit their spatial position interactively. For more information, see the section on "3D View"

Text View

The Text View can be used for displaying and editing the Modelica code.

Documentation View

The Documentation View shows the content of the model Online Help. This view serves for model documentation.

Additional Options

Several views with different settings can simultaneously be opened for a model. More views can be created from the View tab on the ribbon bar.

Right-click on a tab opens a popup menu with the following commands:

Create vertical or horizontal configuration

Go to the previous view

For the split view, a new vertical tab group was added. Other views are created via the menu "Windows". All settings made are stored together with the model. The views have equal priority (e.g. only 3D view). This means that animations are also possible without 3D view. In the properties dialog of the model in the register "3D Settings (dx9)" settings to the representation (colors, grid and other things) can be specified. The button "Save As Default" can be used to fix the settings.

Figure 1: Vertically arranged model views (diagram and 3D)

Customized menus

By right-click at the ribbon you can adjust the GUI of SimulationX by selecting "Customize the Ribbon ..." or "Customize Quick Access Toolbar ...".

Figure 2: Adjustment of the quick access toolbar

Figure 3: Adjustment of the ribbon

If icons in the toolbar are not displayed properly after an update from SimulationX in the tab "View/Misc" the command "Reset Layout" can be helpful.