License Management

Changing the license/edition

From the menu FileLicensing in the backstage area, you can switch to another edition of SimulationX. in the License Selection section by selecting the desired edition from the dropdown menu.

Saving and loading a license configuration

All relevant settings made by the user regarding the license can be exported to a file and be imported in several ways. This includes information about:

  • the edition,
  • the license file in use,
  • skipping the license file/module selection dialog at startup,
  • the license usage log
  • and the selected modules.

To create such a file, got to FileLicensing in the backstage area and click on the button "Export Settings". After confirming the message box summarizing the settings to be exported, the file's location needs to be specified.

Figure 1: Summary of license relevant settings

Now the file can be reused in several ways:

  1. The parameter /config:"X:\path\config.xml" containing the path to the configuration file is passed to SimulationX through the command line in a batch file, the Windows command line dialog or the target string of a program's shortcut. If the license settings have been changed, a message prompts to save these changes to the file in order for them to take effect after a restart of SimulationX. Making the file read-only prevents it from being overwritten.
  2. The license configuration file is stored in C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\SimulationX 4.3\Settings\LicenseConfig.xml and applies only to this user. Changes made to the license settings are stored without prompting.
  3. The license configuration file is stored in C:\Users\Public\Documents\SimulationX 4.3\Settings\licenseConfig.xml and applies to all users of this computer. Changes made to the license settings are stored without prompting and affects all users.

Everytime SimulationX starts, this sequence is checked exactly in this order to determine which settings should be used for the license. If there is neither the /config: parameter nor a licenseConfig.xml in the public or current user’s documents, SimulationX starts with the same configuration as before.