License Borrowing

When using a Floating License with Network Server, you may find yourself in a situation when you need to run SimulationX without a connection to the network (on business trips, at customers or at the home office). The FlexNET technology allows for temporary borrowing of a selected license configuration to accommodate such scenarios. Additional hardware, such as a USB dongle, is not required. The necessary settings are selected automatically by the program, while the user is guided through the process with the help of a user-friendly interface.

Borrowing a license

  1. The current license status can be checked in the "Licensing" section in the Backstage area (File tab). When a server-based (commercial) license is used, the name of the active host is displayed at the top and the "Borrow licenses" button is available.

  2. If you want to borrow a license, SimulationX needs to unload the current configuration in order to display all available modules correctly in the First Start

  3. After the restart of SimulationX, the module selection dialog shows all modules available with the current license including the expiration date and number of free licenses. To borrow a license for a specific module, tick the checkbox on the left side. If your configuration depends on other modules, you can use the button "Add missing modules" to select all of them automatically. The configuration can then be confirmed with the "Borrow" button.

  4. The procedure is completed through the summary dialog where you can set and confirm the desired expiration date (maximum of 14 days in the future).

Viewing the status of the borrowed license

  1. To check the current status of a borrowed license configuration, you can open a summary using the button "Show borrowed licenses" in the Licensing section of the Backstage area (File tab).

  2. The summary of the borrowed licenses shows the complete list of all included modules and their expiration dates.

Returning a borrowed license

  1. To return a borrowed/expired license, go to the Licensing section of the Backstage area (File tab). Please note that a borrowed license can only be returned with an active connection to the original license server.

  2. When you press the button "Return borrowed licenses", you will see a summary of the borrowed license with the complete list of all included modules and their expiration date. Individual modules, however, cannot be returned. Once you press OK, the entire borrowed license configuration is written back to the network server so that the license is available again for all users throughout the network.