License Activation

For a user-friendly licensing experience with SimulationX based on the FlexNet technology used at ESI, SimulationX 4.3 supports the user with a straightforward setup process. Hardware-specific license requests are created through the edition selection dialog (First Start). Irrespective of the type of license, the setup follows a uniform procedure: selection of a license type, configuration of the license, start of SimulationX. The differences are explained in more detail below.

Floating License with Local Server

  1. After selecting a commercial program version of SimulationX in the edition selection dialog, you will be prompted to enter a valid license. For using a license file, click on the Browse ... button.

  2. In the Explorer window, you can then navigate to the location of your license file.

  3. If a local license server is required, the dialog offers this option automatically.

  4. The local license server is created and started in the background. You can then close all dialogs, and SimulationX starts automatically with the licensed functions.

Floating License with Network Server

  1. Besides the option to set up a local server with a license file, you can also use a network license directly from a network server. All you need is the exact IP address or host name of the server and the correct port number. Once you confirm your selection, SimulationX starts automatically with the licensed functions.

Default settings (Managed License)

This option needs to be selected if your FlexNet license is managed by your system administrator. License Configuration for more details.