Installing SimulationX

To install SimulationX on your computer, start Setup.exe in the corresponding directory. The Installation Wizard will guide you through all the necessary steps in order to set up SimulationX and the accompanying software modules.

Using the Installation Wizard

  1. After the language selection dialog, the Installation Wizard checks your system for missing components that need to be installed in order for SimulationX to run correctly. If the installer finds an older release of the same SimulationX version on the computer, it removes the older release and continues installing components required by the application before the installation begins.

  2. Choose whether you want to perform a full or customized installation. The full installation also copies the documentation and examples to disk. For the installation of special components, select the Customized installation.

  3. In the customized installation, select which components to install and change the target directory if necessary.

  4. After specifying the target directory, you can rename the start menu entry and create shortcuts on the Desktop for your own account only or for all users. Clicking on Next starts the installation process. The installation takes a few minutes depending on your choices you made before.

Reinstalling or Modifying SimulationX

If SimulationX is already installed, running the setup again may trigger one of the two following scenarios depending on the installed version/release of SimulationX.

  1. You want to install a newer release of the same version. The installed version will be removed during the requirements check.
  2. You want to modify your installation (same release). The maintenance dialog shows you all available options.

The maintenance mode can also be started through the SimulationX Software Setup" from the Start Menu or via the Windows control panel.

Figure 1: Maintenance dialog

You can repair the existing release, add or remove features or remove the application altogether. You can also the "Fix SimX Launcher" option to repair the file associations of SimulationX models (.ism) and SimulationX Projects (.isx). The SimXLauncher can be used to specify which version of SimulationX should be used to open SimulationX files (if multiple versions of SimulationX are installed).

Unattended Installation

This installation mode is suitable for software distribution across a network without user interaction. The batch mode is executed without any options and can be initiated with the command line switch "/ s". In batch mode, the following parameters are available:


This installs all available features of SimulationX.


This option specifies the target directory.


This option disables the installation requirenments check.

NOTE: Missing prerequisites may prevent SimulationX from running correctly.

Example: The automatic installation can be started through the command line dialog (Run):

D:\Setup\Setup.exe /s ADDLOCAL=ALL TARGETDIR=“C:\temp\SimX“

Such command lines can also be used in batch files.