Simulation Service Addin

The Simulation Service addin allows you to run multiple simulations on your local machine in the background. This functionality uses the available licenses for the Professional or Analyzer edition of SimulationX.

In order to use the Simulation Service addin, you need to install and activate the Simulation Service through the Maintenance and Add-Ins section in the program options. You can download the addin from the myESI customer portal.

Mode of operation

After the installation, the simulation service is started in the background. It manages all simulation requests and provides status information for the addin. Depending on the number of available Professional or Analyzer licenses, the service starts a new SimulationX instance per simulation request. For performance reasons, the number of parallel SimulationX instances is limited to three. Simulation jobs that cannot be started immediately are put in a queue which is processed chronologically.

If you have only one SimulationX license, the simulation jobs in the queue are processed by the Simulation Service Add-In once SimulationX has been closed. A manual restart of SimulationX is only possible after the queue has been completely processed since the SimulationX license is blocked by the Simulation Service Add-In. The license is released again when all simulations have been completed or the Simulation Service Add-In is terminated by calling the URL http://localhost:5000/api/management/shutdown in a web browser.


Before you start, first ensure the Simulation Service addin is visible in SimulationX. If it is not, click on Add-Ins in the Panels section on the View tab of the ribbon menu and select the Simulation Service addin. Once the addin is up and running, you can use it as follows:

  1. When you send a simulation request, the current state of the model is saved under a unique name in the same directory as the original model, and the simulation is started by a SimulationX instance in the background. You can continue working as usual and send additional simulation requests if needed. Simply select the model you want to simulate and add a simulation request to the Simulation Service Add-In.

  2. The addin lets you track the state of each simulation requests. The tab All Jobs shows all queued, active and completed requests. The Active Jobs tab shows the simulations currently running as well as their progress.

  3. The tab Finished Jobs also includes the tracing information of the completed simulations.

  4. When the simulation of a job is finished, the computed model can be opened in SimulationX directly from the addin.